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Software Development

We have over a decade of experience creating proprietary software tools for patent services and counseling. These tools are typically created on-the-fly and are project-specific. They provide enhanced efficiency, insight, and quality that cannot be replicated with spreadsheets or by hand.

These software tools are developed for our internal use and are not provided to clients. We maintain all intellectual property in the tools and no information about the tools is shared with anyone outside of our firm. No development is outsourced or offshored. This allows us to continue to serve a wide range of clients while maintaining confidentiality.


These are just some examples of how we use our software tools:

  • Analysis of existing patent portfolios to improve portfolio development and management
  • Improved and lower-cost due diligence - allows consideration of factors such as quality, claim breadth and coverage, enforceability, likelihood of infringement, and others
  • Improved and lower-cost opinion work and related counseling - applies to services such as freedom-to-operate analyses and others
  • Increased patent portfolio insight to enhance patent monetization efforts


Why not use existing software on the market?

There is no patent-related software on the market that meets our needs. And these needs vary by project, so a one-size-fits-all solution would not be appropriate even if it existed. Additionally, use of software developed by another company could pose security and confidentiality issues for our firm and/or our clients.

Why not sell your software?

We are a law firm and not in the business of selling software. And maintaining software is extremely time-consuming and resource-intensive. Further, by restricting our software to internal use only, we are able cut down development time and cost to better serve our clients.

How do you charge for software development?

We typically do not. There are no hidden fees or costs.

What if our project is different from those listed in the examples above?

We welcome new and exciting projects. Contact us to discuss.