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Portfolio Development

The first step in developing a patent portfolio is to formulate an individualized strategy for the client. Consideration is given to numerous factors pertaining to both the client and the client's competitors, where the factors may include business activities such as products and processes, business objectives, important markets, current patent portfolios, etc. After learning about the client and its competitors, we can work with the client to intelligently and cost-effectively develop a valuable patent portfolio.

Prior to the drafting of patent applications, clients are faced with a number of difficult decisions that affect the value of the eventual patent portfolio. We assist clients in determining which inventions to pursue and where to file the patent applications directed to those inventions. It is often beneficial for us to meet with inventors at an early stage to learn about new technologies and help the client distill related inventions. From these meetings, we can help the clients prepare invention disclosure forms that can be used to initiate the drafting of patent applications.

We have extensive experience drafting patent applications covering a wide range of technologies. Valuing quality over quantity, we strive to prepare patent applications with valuable claims that can withstand the rigors of litigation, re-examination, and other legal proceedings. Our knowledge and experience related to domestic and foreign patent prosecution is used to draft patent applications suitable for filing in any country worldwide.

After the patent applications are filed, we handle prosecution of the applications domestically and internationally. For applications filed in the United States, we prepare responses to Office Actions from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and perform other tasks to guide the applications to issuance in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We also utilize Examiner Interviews and Appeals, when appropriate, to advance prosecution and/or reduce costs associated therewith. For international applications, we work together with the highest quality foreign counsel from each jurisdiction to protect our client's intellectual property worldwide.

We also have extensive experience prosecuting patent applications prepared by other law firms. Please contact us to learn more about how we can increase the value of your existing patent portfolio.